Friday, March 5, 2010

Mock Draft, First round (part two)

My mock draft predictions continue...

17) 49ers - They still could use some help at OG, DT, or RT

Verdict: Mike Iupati G, Idaho
Why: While there are still some good OT's on the board, the 49ers have Gore and need to keep their running game strong if they want to give Alex Smith a chance.  Need for a OG is a little bit more prominent and I think he is the only worthy first round OG. They could take C.J. Spiller here, but to be honest, Gore is back and Coffee didn't run too poorly in his absence. Spiller would probably require too much money for a minimal impact.

18) Steelers - Boy, what happened last year?  This team has one of the better rosters in the NFL and they couldn't get it together.  They don't have any glaring holes as it stands. They are in position to take the BPA and they could use some depth at RB or CB.

Verdict: C. J. Spiller RB, Clemson
Last year, they got Mendenall and it paid off well.  He is a powerful back and be quite a workhorse.  Spiller compliments him nice and would give Big Ben another weapon (not that he needs any more).

19) Falcons - Their secondary could really use a boost.  They may be getting that soon as they are reportedly linked to Dunta Robinson.  Now would also be a good time to find a successor to Gonzalez's throne.

Verdict: Kyle Wilson CB, Boise State
Why:  Even if they get Robinson, they could still use a quality guy like Wilson. It would be a nice fit as he wouldn't necessarily have to start immediately.

20) Texans - Another team that needs lots of help.  They could afford to trade down here for some more picks.  But anything will help so best player available is...

Verdict: Bryan Bulaga OT, Iowa
Why: They need help everywhere and should be thrilled with anyone at this point outside of a QB or TE.

21) Bengals - They shocked me last season.  It looks like they've got their groove back a bit.  They could really benefit from a skilled, pass-catching TE or a good S.

Verdict: Jermaine Gresham TE, Oklahoma
Why:  I think it is a position teams don't pay much attention to when they play the Bengals.  They need receiving help and getting a good star TE would provide just that. It might be too early for a TE, but he has a lot of upside and the Bengals won't get him otherwise.

22) Patriots - These guys could really use some help on defense.  They still haven't filled the loss of Richard Seymour.

Verdict: Carlos Dunlap DE, Florida
Why: I think he can bulk up a little bit and be quite an effective end in a 3-4. I know he is projected as a 4-3 DE, but if he can pack on a little muscle he might be able to fill in Seymour's shoes.

23) Packers - The highest priority for them should be protecting Aaron Rodgers.  They struggled with it early last year and with the potential of losing both starting tackles in free agency, better get it together.

Verdict: Trent Williams OT, Oklahoma
Why: He's a guy that continues to work to improve.  He also has the potential to come in and help immediately.  He's a bit undersized weight wise, but that may work to his advantage in a zone-blocking scheme. Depending on training camp and preseason work, he could fill in at either OT position.

24) Eagles - Philly needs to get a bit better defensively if they want to be contenders next year.  That is the side of the ball I would guess they would look to pick on.

Verdict: Sergio Kindle OLB, Texas
Why:  LB is not a strong point for the Eagles and getting a good young player in Kindle would be excellent for them.  He played in a tough conference in college and will probably be one of the more NFL ready players coming out of this draft.

25) Ravens - These guys need a WR like salad needs dressing.  No one just eats lettuce. Well, no one I know of. They could go for a C here too but it may be a bit of a reach.

Verdict: Arrelious Benn WR, Illinois
Why: They have their choice of WR's here and would probably value them higher than anyone else at this point.  Golden Tate has potential, but Benn is a safer choice here. He is a nice big target that Joe Flacco can get comfortable with.

26) Cardinals - Maybe they can trade Leinart to Seattle and move up or accumulate some more picks. It could work out well if Seattle wanted Leinart and the Cards could draft Bradford.  But other than that, they could really use some help on defense.

Verdict: Brian Price DT, UCLA
Why: He'd provide them with a solid upgrade on the DL.

27) Cowboys - Mr. Moneybags could use some fire on his DL.  S wouldn't be a bad pick either.  Unfortunately, there's not much value at any of those spots here for the Boys.  It would be wise to trade up or down here, or take the BPA.

Verdict: Bruce Campbell OT, Maryland
Why: He's a good player and wouldn't be forced to start right away.  He has a nice upside and could help an aging Dallas line.

28) Chargers - The Bolts have really stretched themselves thin at RB.  I have to believe they plan on addressing it in free agency.  They also released DT Jamal Williams without a clear heir.  I am not sure what they are thinking.  I would trade down and draft Terrance Cody maybe?

Verdict: Jared Odrick DT -> DE, Penn State
Why:  He was my original pick for them prior to their crazy cutting. He could make a nice transition to a 3-4 DE and keep the Bolts strong on the defensive side of the ball.

29) Jets - Pretty solid team.  If Sanchez develops well, they could be a force.  They could use another WR and some depth at CB even though they just traded for Antonio Cromartie.

Verdict: Nate Allen S, South Florida
Why: Well I can't really see them spending a first rounder on a CB now.  However, it appears Rhodes is on his way out so a good S would be a nice addition to keep the secondary strong, in case teams start game-planning for Revis island.

30) Vikings - This is pretty easy for the Vikings.  They need a QB for the future, and Washington is looking for a first round pick for Campbell.  If I'm the Vikings, this is the best move.  If Favre decides he has another year in him, that's fine. Campbell stands the possibility of the Skins drafting a QB and him riding pine anyway.  If Favre actually hangs it up, Campbell has starting NFL experience and despite a poor record, has some great potential.  I've read plenty of scouts think he can still be a really good QB for a team that isn't a circus show.  If not, LB or CB could be a good pick here.

Verdict: Patrick Robinson CB, Florida State
Why: A given here since he's a good value and they need help at CB. Winfield isn't getting any younger and has questions surrounding his health.  They would welcome the depth.

31) Colts - They are in pretty rough shape at LB and DT. Lucky for them....

Verdict: Brandon Graham OLB, Michigan
Why:  He could be a steal at this point.  Other teams just don't need him and I've heard his stock is falling a bit.  He could have the upside the Colts need.

32) Saints - The Super Bowl Champs look pretty good across the board yet.  They have some questions at LB and C though.

Verdict: Maurkice Pouncey C, Florida
Why:  He's arguably the best player available here and would give the Saints some good depth on their already good OL.

Some may argue that this mock is too need-based.  To an extent, that may be true. Truth is, teams grade people differently.  This is just what I would do at each position.


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