Friday, March 5, 2010

Mock Draft, First round (part one)

Just a warning, this is going to be a long one.  I am going to step into each GM's shoes and give what I think makes sense for this years first round of the NFL draft.  I wrote this prior to the start of free agency but I'll update it as I go.

1) Rams - I would take a QB or trade down if I can.  There are too many holes in the depth chart and playing one guy that much doesn't really help them enough. Not to mention that the best two players are not the Rams biggest position needs.  If you have to take the pick though and pay someone that much money, I would make it a QB.

Verdict: Jimmy Clausen QB, Notre Dame
Why: The first pick of the draft is a lot of money.  Bradford may be as good or better than Clausen, but Clausen is not coming off of shoulder surgery.  It's too risky to guarantee a guy that much. Suh and McCoy are tempting and I am a firm believer in building your lines first, but realistically, the Rams play a 4-3 style defense where DT is not as important as in a 3-4 or getting a franchise QB.

2) Lions - The Lions are making a lot of moves and really trying to improve. OL and DL need to be improved, specifically OT and DT.  Lots of holes yet though and trading down could pay off. Again, this guy is going to get lots of guaranteed money.

Verdict: Russell Okung OT,  Oklahoma State
Why: A few updated reasons here.  The Lions signed Nate Burleson giving them a viable number two receiver and Kyle Vanden Bosch helping their DL.  They also traded for former Packer, Corey Williams, DT.  There are lots of teams hungry for OT this year and there are a lot of quality players this year, but Okung is the cream of the crop.  It will help protect their huge investment in Stafford.  Not to mention, again, money plays a role.  It's far easier to justify handing a huge sum of cash to a franchise OT as opposed to a DT in a 4-3 defense.

3) Buccaneers - I would again trade down here maybe too if at all possible.  There are so many holes in the roster and they could still get high quality players they need more a bit later.  But at the same time, having a choice between the two best players in the draft is pretty nice.

Verdict: Ndamukong Suh DT, Nebraska
Why: It might be easy to find a trading partner if Suh does indeed fall this far, but he is too good at this point to pass up.  You are still going to give him a big contract, but if he's as good as they say, it will be worth it.  the Bucs would be a good fit and their current big man, Chris Hovan, is getting up there in years.

4) Redskins - They need some safety help as well as offensive line help.  Shanahan will likely run a zone-blocking scheme so that could mean later round OL picks.

Verdict: Eric Berry S, Tennessee
Why: Taking an offensive lineman isn't flashy enough for Snyder in the first round.  If they sign Clifton, they'll have a stop-gap player until they can get someone else. Taking Bradford is an option, but Jason Campbell has too much potential to give him the boot.  Eric Berry is projected to be quite the safety and in a 3-4, your safety is like your QB.

5) Chiefs - Not really much of a choice here for them. They need help everywhere and are better off getting one of the two best players of the draft. This may be a time when the Chiefs trade out to get more picks as someone will covet a DT more.

Verdict: Gerald McCoy DT, Oklahoma
Why: He is too good of a value to pass up here. Combine him with another couple of good, young linemen in Glen Dorsey and Tyson Jackson and you will have a nice young DL.  I know they are switching to a 3-4, but I don't think they can pass.  They will have to work out who plays NT.  Maybe just a nice rotation for the first year.

6) Seahawks - Unique in that they have two first round picks withing the top 15.  They need an OT, DE, and QB of the future.  There are lots of possibilities here.

Verdict: Sam Bradford QB, Oklahoma
Why:  This move makes sense on lots of levels.  Bradford is considered the only other real first round QB.  There are too many teams between them and their next pick and they wouldn't get him.  He is coming off of shoulder surgery and would get a year or two to develop behind Matt Hasselbeck. Pete Carroll is the new sheriff in town and will get his QB of the future.

7) Browns - Ideally, I would trade this pick down.  They need lots of help specifically in the secondary and at number seven, it may be a little early for anyone left in the secondary.

Verdict: Joe Haden CB, Florida
Why:  There are enough teams that could use corner help behind them that would probably take him. Even though he ran a little slow at the combine, it's not the end of the world.  Holmgren is smart enough to know that tape is a way better indicator than combine workouts.  It's pretty easy to learn if you ever watch Al Davis pick guys. Speaking of him.....

8) Raiders - Funny, in the last few drafts, the Raiders have taken lots of skill position players and oddly enough, those are the positions they need the most help at.  Oh Crazy Al.

Verdict: Taylor Mays S, USC
Why:  He had a great showing at the combine and Al is known for being a little crazy. The Raiders could really use some help at safety and it would surprise people a little bit which I think is Al's style.

9) Bills - They need help badly on their OL and could really use a QB of the future.  New coach usually means new QB in these types of situations.

Verdict: Anthony Davis OT, Rutgers
Why:  There aren't any more QB's that they can't get in the second.  Davis is a great OT and will help protect whoever the Bills get to take the reigns.

10) Jaguars - They really need a WR or DE.  This is a good place for either position, as there are some quality players that meet their needs nicely.

Verdict: Jason Pierre Paul DE, South Florida
Why: He could step in and provide some immediate help to their horrible pass rush.  He is also used to being down in Florida and would probably feel quite comfortable staying.

11) Broncos - They need a quality WR regardless of whether or not Brandon Marshall is around. They could also take a DT here as there are some good ones available.

Verdict: Dez Bryant WR, Oklahoma State
Why: Bryant has too much talent to pass on here.  He is supposedly better than Michael Crabtree. Plus, head coach Josh Daniels is now experienced with "diva" WR and should have a better idea about how to handle Bryant.

12) Dolphins - The Dolphins could really use a true number one WR.  They also need some help on the DL.

Verdict: Dan Williams DT, Tennessee
Why: He's probably the best value here for the Dolphins. Some might say this is a little high for Williams, but truth is that DT's could go quick this year.

13) 49ers - They really look pretty good across the board.  I'd pencil them in for the playoffs next year to be honest if I knew Alex Smith would develop into a viable NFL-level, starting QB.  They aren't too far from having a good team, pending the development of Smith. They could use some help at OG, DT, and FS though.

Verdict: Earl Thomas S, Texas
Why:  They could use some help in the secondary and Singletary is a defense-minded guy.  Thomas would have potential to start contributing at his natural FS position from day one.

14) Seahawks - Now is when they can fill their OL or DE needs and they have plenty of good options.

Verdict: Charles Brown OT, USC
Why: Brown has enough potential to be a good OT and Carroll has coached him and is comfortable with him.  Combined with Bradford, Seattle would be in pretty good shape for quite some time.

15) Giants - They need some help in the secondary on a defense that used to be their strong point.  They have a pretty talented roster though and without anyone filling a position of need perfectly here, they can take whoever they like most.

Verdict: Rolando McClain ILB, Alabama
Why: More depth and a good young ILB never hurt anyone.  The G-men could use the boost and after looking over their roster, offense looks pretty good so you have to figure they value a defensive player a bit more than any offensive player they can get here.

16) Titans - The Titans really can't go wrong taking anyone on the defensive side of the ball(save safety). Another WR would be nice here too.

Verdict: Derrick Morgan DE, Georgia Tech
Why:  They lost Vanden Bosch today.  Their defense is looking thin all around and they have enough to get by on offense.  Getting a guy who can get to Manning would be a good choice here since they see him twice a year.

And now for a break, and on to part two.


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