Friday, March 5, 2010

Let the madness begin

First off, I would just like to reiterate that it was a terrible mistake not getting our three UFA inked prior to today.  All hope is not entirely lost however.  All three could still be back with the Packers.  Now that they've hit the market, I don't see that as the case though. I know Ted does not like to spend anything on linemen which is a poor choice considering that football begins at the line.  I honestly think it is time for the Packers to scrap the zone blocking scheme all together.  In theory, with the right coaching, it is a good system.  I believe the reason it was successful in the first place was Jeff Jagodzinski.  He learned how to coach it from the master, Alex Gibbs. Since he left, the line has never looked as good.  That being said, I would say it is time to move on, and get some high quality offensive lineman.  Maybe that is the plan.  Who knows?

As for free agents (restricted and not), I think the Packers should take a good long look at Jermon Bushrod of the New Orleans Saints.  He is a RFA with a second round tender.  New Orleans is one of very few teams to have enough tackles on their roster.  Bushrod played well for the Saints this year, and only got better with each game.  If you look up news about him, it is littered with teammates comments about how hard of a worker and a good guy he is.  Seems like a good fit in Green Bay.  He's got experience playing left tackle and is still quite young at 25 years old.  The Saints drafted him in the fourth round and despite having a second round tender, could probably be whisked away for something along the lines of a conditional 2011 third round pick that could turn into a second rounder based on playing time.  It would keep us sitting well with our picks this year and I think he has a huge upside and would come at the right price.  I would still look for more help in the draft, but it would give us a starting point.

Another guy I would like to see would be Willie Parker.  There's LT too, but that's probably too big of a name for Ted.  We need a change of pace from Grant, and while Jackson is coming around, I don't know that he is ready to be an every down back.  Parker and LT may not be the speed demons they once were, but using them on a limited basis might really pay off.  I'm sure both would like to come to a contender.

A final note, there are a couple of good return men out there in Rock Cartwright and Leon Washington.  Cartwright is an UFA and Washington a RFA.  Cartwright might be a good deal and would provide insurance in case Blackmon suffers any setbacks.


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