Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A few thoughts on possible moves at this point

After the first big weekend of free agency, the Packers roster is as predicted.  Clifton re-signed and Kampman gone.

The positions of need for the Packers I would argue are OT, OLB, CB/S, RB, and any other OL.

For OT, I still would love to see some sort of deal made for OT Jermon Bushrod from the Saints.  He stepped in last year for the full year and played well enough to help his team to a Super Bowl.  They only have a second-round tender on him and it has been rumored the Saints are willing to part ways with one of their three RFA OT's. I think he could be gotten for maybe less than a second rounder. I feel it would be worth even a second round pick to get a young, capable, potential LT. He could back up Clifton and it would be no worse than what he is doing in Baltimore, with a greater potential to play and eventually start.  I would also resign Tauscher and look to draft an OT as well.

At OLB in a 3-4 defense, there isn't really anyone worth it in free agency.  This will have to come through the draft.

CB/S is interesting because of the amount of returning players. Lee and Blackmon could do well in the new system.  It wouldn't hurt to draft one as well though.  There just isn't anyone worth the price in free agency(see A. Rolle).

I don't feel RB is as big of an issue because I feel Grant is pretty durable and capable of handling another good season.  But if he were to go down for an extended period of time, I don't feel comfortable with Jackson as an every down back.  I think acquiring a veteran free agent here would be better than spending a draft pick on any of this year's backs unless someone really slips.

Any other OL would be great in the draft.  We could use the depth.

It wouldn't hurt to get some DE depth either.  Maybe a late round project? Maybe, just maybe, Harrell contributes? That would be ideal since he is already on the roster.


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