Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Free Agency Updates 3/9/2010

Just wanted to give a quick update.

The Packers re-signed LT Chad Clifton to a 3-year deal.
FS Nick Collins signed his tender sheet.
The Packers signed WR Charles Dillon.

The Jaguars signed DE/OLB Aaron Kampman to a 4-year deal.
The Bears signed DE Julius Peppers to a 6-year deal.
The Lions signed DE Kevin Vanden Bosch and traded for former Packer DE/DT Corey Williams.

What all of this means:
Well, the division just got stacked with better defensive linemen, and the Packers offensive line was already in rough shape handling the last years group of defensive linemen. The Packers had to re-sign Clifton because of that and the fact that without him, there is no true LT on the roster.  If the Lions do indeed draft Suh or McCoy, we will be facing some of the better defensive lines in the entire NFL for 6 games of the year. With the offensive line struggling to buy Rodgers time last year, this is really putting the pressure on Green Bay to fix their largest problem.

Also, the Packers pass rush just lost a great football player and leader.  Kampman was not the best OLB, but he was really coming on quite well before the injury.  He wasn't a fan of the new system though and I'm not surprised he left.  I am surprised there were that many suitors so early, but good for him and I wish him the best. Unfortunately, that increases the need for an OLB through the draft.   

As for Collins signing the tender, this is good news.  It appears he really wants to stay here and both sides are probably nearing a long term deal.

Charles Dillon is an arena football player.  I assume he was signed to see how he fits in as a KR/PR specialist.


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