Sunday, April 18, 2010

Realistic possibilities for this weekend.

So, the draft is nearly upon us and I've posted my last first round mock draft.

After looking over all the first round picks thoroughly, if I could get any of them for the Packers, it would be....

Eric Berry, S.

It's not a strong position of need, but this guy is a true football player.  He's got all of the physical tools and knows the game inside and out. There was a great article about him in Sports Illustrated.  Don't get me wrong, Bigby and Collins do a great job back there, but this guy is just too good. He would be a quality guy who could back up and rotate with either Collins or Bigby. It would probably help keep everyone healthy as well.

But it is unlikely the Packers would want to give up what would be required to get him (and I understand that). That being said, I'm going to go throw out some names I'd like to see in each round and guys I'm not sold on (not saying they won't be good).

Guys I like: Taylor Mays, Mike Iupati, Jason Pierre-Paul, Kyle Wilson, trade down
Guys I'm just not sold on: Charles Brown, Maurkice Pouncey, Brandon Graham, and Bruce Campbell
Notes: If Pierre-Paul falls enough, go up and get him.  He's got the size and speed to do well as a 3-4 rush guy. Could be wrong with Campbell.  He may do well in a zone blocking scheme. I like Pouncey, but at C, I would like him much more in the 2nd.

Guys I like: Rodger Saffold(despite the 'd'), Ricky Sapp, Kareem Jackson, Vladimir Duccasse, Nate Allen, Jerry Hughes, Joe McKnight.
Guys I'm not sold on: Jonathan Dwyer, Brandon Spikes, Tim Tebow
Notes: Lots of guys here that can make trading down a good move. I love Tim Tebow.  I think he's going to be great.  Just not worth it for the Packers.  They'd be developing him for someone else. Rodgers will be around for a long time. They'd never be able to get a good return on their investment in Tebow if they get him here.  In the third? Sure.

Guys I like: Jared Veldheer, Eric Decker, Myron Rolle,
Guys I don't like: none in particular.
Notes: Decker is one of two receivers I wouldn't be upset to see the Packers snag.  The guy is solid. He was the only real weapon on the Gophers offense and he still managed to put up some great games.  Great route runner who's not afraid to go over the middle. Would be great on the slant.  Rolle seems to be in great shape and we know he has a great mind. 

4th - 7th.  It gets tough in here. I'm just going to throw out some names I like:
Selvish Capers, Anthony Dixon, Ciron Black, Jason Fox, Perrish Cox, O'Brien Schofield, Jordan Shipley.

The good news is that Green Bay really has viable starters at every position and shouldn't be reaching at all. It would be nice to have some more depth, but the Packers don't really have to find an immediate starter at any position.

Since this week is all about the draft, I'll examine each position this week and try to pick out an early, mid, and late round prospect for each.


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