Monday, April 26, 2010

Draft Recap.

The NFL Draft is over and I feel pretty good about the Packers picks. I think it would have been pretty hard to to screw up though based on the fact that we already have starters at every position and no dire needs.  With that, I'll tell you who I would have picked based on who was left, and offer some thoughts on each pick.

Round 1: Bryan Bulaga, OT
My choice: Bryan Bulaga, OT
Thoughts: Guy was projected by many to be a Top 5 or 10 guy. Things just happened to fall the right way for Green Bay and it was a nice job being patient getting him where they did. I think it only worked out this way because a lot of teams went for need in the first. We had some good players still available at #23 but I think Bulaga was the best available.

Round 2: Mike Neal, DT/DE
My choice: Charles Brown, OT
Thoughts: There were some guys still on the board here that I knew more about and would have felt better about because of that. I think Brandon Spikes, Terrence Cody, and Charles Brown all of would have been on my board before Neal.  That said, after I look at some of the guys I would have picked, I can see reasons for not picking them and I really can't see a good reason for not picking Neal.  The guy seems to have a great motor and should provide some nice depth. Heck he may even get to start if Jolly's legal situation keeps him off the field at all.

Round 3: Morgan Burnett, S
My choice: Eric Decker, WR
Thoughts: Burnett seems like a good pick. Provides some depth at S in case Bigby or Collins miss some time. I thought Burnett was probably a 3rd round guy but obviously the Packers probably thought he was a 2nd round guy judging from the trade up.  I don't know if he was worth the 3rd and 4th round picks, but it definitely helped fill a need.

Round 4: none (traded for Burnett move up)
My choice: Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, CB
Thoughts:  I really like Ansah as a CB.  Strong, physical, man cover guy that would have fit in well with the Packers style. I would have taken him at #23 in the third if Decker was gone. This may have been my biggest let down of the day. And to know that we could have got him at #23 in the 4th.....

Round 5a: Andrew Quarless, TE
My choice: Larry Asante, S
Thoughts: The TE pick was pretty surprising.  I mean even at TE, I thought there were maybe some better guys on the board. I was not happy with this pick at the time.  Looking into him a bit more, he really has some nice upside.  He's drawing some Finley comparisons and I can see that. If he gets it together, he could add a whole new dynamic to the offense.  Come out in a two TE package and teams think run. If we had two guys like Finley, you could really throw teams a curve ball. So, I like the pick .

Round 5b: Marshall Newhouse, OT
My choice: Greg Hardy, DE/OLB
Thoughts: I like the pick of Newhouse.  He was a guy I saw all over the place on people's mock drafts. He's got a good upside and his main flaws are things that can be coached.  He'll be a little bit of a project but in time, probably a good player.  My pick would have been to take a flyer on Hardy.  He used to be considered a first rounder until the injuries hit him. If healthy, he might have been able to add to the pass rush.

Round 6: James Starks, RB
My choice: George Selvie, DE/OLB
Thoughts: Starks seems to be a good value here.  Honestly, didn't think too much about him since he didn't play this year.  But he was pretty productive prior to his injury.  Could turn out to be a great value.  Again, here I would have been looking for some OLB depth and some pass rush ability.

Round 7: C.J. Wilson, DE
My choice: C.J. Wilson, DE
Thoughts: Love this pick. I would have been happy getting him any time after the third round.  This guy is just one of those great football players, and an even better person. He belongs on the Packers. For all his bulk, he's also quick and could add some pass rush from the DE position. I know there were some mock drafts with this guy going in the 2nd and to be honest I thought some team might snag him up in the 2nd or third. I am debating ordering his jersey.

At the end of the day, I think the Pack did pretty well. My favorite picks were C.J. Wilson and Bryan Bulaga.  My least favorite move was trading up to get Burnett. Not because I think he's not good enough, but because we had to give up a pick that could have been Ansah at CB. I think Burnett could have still been there at #23. But I also have the benefit of looking back and knowing how it all played out.


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