Monday, April 19, 2010

By Position: QB and RB

The Packers have some great offensive weapons and really are not in dire need of any upgrades across the board. The biggest issue on offense is solidifying the offensive line. So with that, a break down of who the Packers have, what the situation is at the position, and some possible early, mid, and late round draft prospects.


Current Players: Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, Chris Pizzotti

Situation: Rodgers is the starter and an elite QB.  Flynn progressed nicely from year one to year two and should hopefully continue to progress in year three. Flynn knows the system and is good enough to replace Rodgers for any short term injury. Pizzotti, I'm not very familiar with. Green Bay could draft a QB with the idea of adding some depth, but it would be a luxury and the pick could easily be used to fill another position or traded to someone in need of a QB.

1st/2nd: Colt McCoy
3rd/4th: John Skelton
5th-7th: Johnathan Crompton


Current Players: Ryan Grant, Brandon Jackson, Ahman Green, DeShawn Wynn, Kregg Lumpkin

Situation: Grant is the starter and an above average back who many don't give the credit he deserves. Jackson is entering his 4th year in the league and has had some ups and downs.  Green hasn't been resigned, but is still listed on the Packers roster.  Wynn and Lumpkin have both been trying to find a permanent home on the team.
This is one of the more polarizing positions among Packer fans when it comes to talking about the draft.  Some feel this is a position of need and others feel strongly about the guys we have. As boring as it may be, I am in the middle of the road. I am a firm believer in Ryan Grant.  I feel his slow start last year wasn't really his fault.  He's durable and his running style is best suited for the workhorse RB1 role. I think getting a RB this year is fine, as long as he is elusive and can catch. It would be a big plus if the guy could return kicks as well.

1st/2nd: Joe McKnight
3rd/4th: Dexter McCluster
5th-7th: Darius Marshall

Next up: FB, TE, WR


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